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Electronic copies and handouts may not be available for all workshops at this time as the list is still being updated. 


Sarah Neville-Morgan

Sean Doocy

Department of Social Services

Katie Statman-Weil

Workshop Session 1

Overview of Recent Policy Changes Due to Recent Legislation in Budget Act of 2019

Alternative Payment Programs Today: A Panel Discussion

Don’t Call it Early Childhood Education – A Move Toward the Foundational Years

Engaging Attendance

Using California Department of Education Infant/Toddler Resources to Improve ECE

Company Culture – The Glue That Binds Your Team

Workshop Session 2

Corrective Action Plans Updates

Attendance Recording, Reporting and Provider Payments (AP Programs)

Building Cognitive Capacity to Improve School Readiness

Rebranding Without Resistance

Family Partnerships and Culture

Don’t Try to Eat the Elephant

Workshop Session 3 

Resources and Publications from ELCD Early Learning Development System

Conflict Resolution: Opportunities for Negotiation 

Workshop Session 4

Paid Professional Development Days (AB 2626)

Data Driven Family Engagement for Dual Language Families

Playing for Keeps, Activities for Math and Reading

Marketing Tools for Success

Serving Children and Families Who are Homeless

Reflective Practice in Early Learning and Care